Dai Felix von den Allgäuer Bergspitzen

owner: Iben and Johnny Folsach Krogh, CH

                                                     "Felix"  6 1/2 weeks young

born: 08.06.2006

mother: Alpha von den Allgäuer Bergspitzen

father: Gaston von Snejanka


Visit from Daddy in Buchenberg

on Mummys arms.....

Felix 8 weeks old

his dearly loved place at home



9 weeks


11 weeks

 A trip to the "Sommerhöck" !

Both brothers sleeping well...

So nice to see you again!


15 weeks old


I am just too sexy...

"Lay down!"



 before Christmas

holiday in Denmark

Felix with

uncle Achilles

10 months old


"Dai Felix" - what a great young boy now with 11 months old!


Felix in December 2008

You can see, he loves the snow in Switzerland :-)


Thank you very much, dear Iben and Johnny, for such nice photos from Felix!